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Springfield Park is a local friendly family run campsite catering for TENTS ONLY - it must be noted that we are not open all year - the maximum period we are open is not more than 28 days in total in any calendar year, therefore its best to call or email us first before booking.

The campsite itself is situated within a mature 3 acre plot of land, however, because we tend to limit the number of tents that we allow here, we have been described as more of a "Boutique Style Campsite". This results in a true outdoor experience.

"We personally believe that camping should feel special... back to nature... and to achieve this, a campsite must have certain ingredients to make it perfect, namely:"

  • Campfires where campers can sit around socialising and looking up at the stars 
  • lots of space, 
  • when groups book – they stay together as a group, 
  • friendly campsite staff who will go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible…

As an additional activity we are pleased to offer onsite Archery. If you have never tried it - Its amazingly fun!!!

The courses are run by Fully Qualified ArcheryGB instructors and include an initial training on the static target range, followed by the woodland course. Within the woodland course, you compete for points shooting at various animal shaped targets and it all gets very competitive - lets put it this way... if you were friends at the start, you wont be by the end! The courses are run by www.archeryuk.uk

Springfield Park has been described as being quite "RUSTIC". It offers the "proper" camping experience to campers. The grounds are amazingly kept with two grounds men regularly cutting the grass, pruning the trees back and making the whole place look very natural. The campsite is surrounded by 400 acres of land with plenty of walkways, fields and streams.

The campsite has been divided into two sections. One section is for parents with children; and another section for adults. This way we can cater for everyone without anyone being a nuisance to the other.

Please bear in mind this is a family campsite and has been set up for people to come and enjoy a relaxing break. We therefore ask that people are considerate to the other campers and reduce noise levels after 11pm.

The site is located just within London’s M25, its a short 10 minute drive to access the M1, M25, A1. A short 5 minute drive away is Radlett, where there is a train station that takes you straight into the heart of London’s King Cross

(Although we do have showers here (two in total), the water pressure is not great 100% of the time. Often its no problem and they are perfect, however if all the toilets are being flushed, people are using the sink and washing plates etc... the pressure drops and the showers do go hot and cold due to being electric. Therefore we DO NOT advertise as having showers. This is due to a few people leaving bad reviews about this.)

(PLEASE NOTE THAT CAMPFIRES CANNOT BE STARTED JUST ANYWHERE - NO PRIVATE FIRE PITS ARE ALLOWED - THERE ARE in total five COMMUNAL FIREPITS - no exceptions due to fire risk. In addition we ask people to refrain from cutting down live trees or branches for firewood. Sorry to point this next bit out as most normal people would never cut down a tree or branches for firewood from a living tree, taking into account we have plenty of wood that's available to buy for firewood, but, we do get people who think its totally fine to kill our trees by cutting them down or cutting large branches off them... and even bringing saws and axes for this reason - If you do cut down trees or branches for firewood you will be asked to leave without a refund of your camping fees immediately - again no exceptions)